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We are a family owned firm established in Izmir in 1991. Our ancestors worked in agricultural fields for their full lives. Our nature is so generous in Anatolia that many endemic plants grow in this land. We have experience more than 25 years on export of herbs, spices, seeds and dried fruits. We always fulfilled our contracts without any default up to now.


So we never changed  the name of our firm. This reputation is an honour for us.


We are not so big to compete with big corporations on every respect. But we understand your reqirements and feelings. We are in the kitchen of this business for many years.


We have two sub- contractors facilities near Izmir. We purchase natural crops ( seeds, herbs … ) from farmers ourselves and process them under our quality control. These facilities have food safety and sanitary certifications.


If you are not a member of our family until now, we kindly invite you to join us not only as a customer but also a family member and  a business partner.